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Road Rules & Safety Protocols For The Event

04 May 2017

Safety protocols:

• This event is NOT A RACE. There is no prize for arriving first. Racing is actively discouraged and may cause you to be excluded from the event.

• Start straight – have your bike in an easy gear so you don’t wobble.

• Ride smoothly – erratic riding such as hard braking or sudden swerving can cause accidents.

• Give yourself space – riding too close to others will increase the chance of a problem if they ride erratically. Space means you can see ahead and plan for potholes, traffic or changes in direction.

• Riders passing each other in an unsafe manner is the most likely cause of accidents. To reduce this risk please line up in the coloured category according to your bike bib. Be patient in the first few kilometres and exercise caution when passing others, especially slower riders. Please keep left and ride in a consistent line.

• Calling your moves in advance, such as “passing” or “stopping”, is very helpful to others.

• Please listen to announcements at the start site.

• If you need to stop and walk at any stage please move to the footpath if available.

Road conditions:

There are a limited number of road and lane closures so you will be sharing the road with moving traffic. Normal road rules apply at all times and especially note:

• You must stop at red lights unless a police officer is waving you through.

• DO NOT pass other riders on the left at any time.

• Ride no more than two abreast and allow traffic to pass safely.

• Remember - each and every rider is a cycling ambassador on the day - it is important we all do the right thing and set a good example for all road users!

• Please keep the roads we enjoy litter-free. Keep any wrappers and rubbish in your pockets - there are bins at each rest stop.

Mt Coot-tha:

• Be mindful some riders will be turning left at the end of Simpsons Road and bypassing the climb. Move right if tackling the climb; keep left if taking the detour.

• Keep to the left lane at all times (emergency or event vehicles may be travelling in the other lane). • On the timed hill climb and subsequent descent extra caution is needed by all - especially as there are many tight corners.

• Do not zigzag across the road.

• If you need to stop and walk - move to the extreme left before dismounting.

• On the downhill you must stay within the speed limit of 50km/hr - this will help avoid hard or erratic braking (be mindful there are lots of riders behind you).

• Part way down there is a veer to the left - be ready.

• You will cross the Western Freeway using the cycling overpass. The entry for this requires you to be no more than two abreast and to slow down.

• Mt Coot-tha will be closed for the event from 6am to 9am. Spectators cannot access it by any means of transport, except bicycle, during the closure.

• Riders who do not reach Mt Coot-tha by 8.30am will not be able to complete the climb up Mt Coot-tha.

• Because of the closure time constraints and other traffic implications you should not delay on the mountain - keep moving.

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