Ride Day

Rider Information Sheets will be posted here in late April.

Please Contact Bicycle Queensland if you have any questions.

Where is the start site and how do I get there?

The ride starts in Riverside Drive, South Brisbane. All riders should enter the site via Jane Street. There is no access to the start site from Bouquet Street or the Kurilpa Park bike path. Once you reach the event area, search for your speed category and line up in the appropriate holding area.

If you are driving and parking in this neighbourhood, please be considerate of residents, businesses and parking restrictions. Both Jane Street and Riverside Drive will be closed to traffic.

10km Family Fun Ride starts in Kurilpa Point Park, South Brisbane.

Where does the ride finish?

The ride finishes on Riverside Drive in West End - along the river below Davies Park.

What time does the event start?

The ride will start progressively from 6.15am. Please line up according to your nominated average speed category:

  • Sponsors and VIPs - GREY bike bibs
  • 30+kmp/h riders - RED bike bibs
  • 25-30kmp/h riders - ORANGE bike bibs Below
  • 25kmp/h riders - BLUE bike bibs
  • Women’s group (camaraderie over speed) - PINK bike bibs
  • 40km distance riders - YELLOW bike bibs

We recommend you arrive 30 minutes before the ride starts.

10km Family Fun Ride ride participants should arrive at 8am.

What is the ride etiquette?

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, riders should be mindful of ride etiquette:

  • Keep to the left to allow people to pass on the right.
  • Do not ride more than two abreast.
  • Do not stop or change directions suddenly.
  • Do not double back on the course.
  • Be courteous to your fellow riders at all times.
  • Always follow the directions of all ride officials and emergency service personnel.

Please remember the Great Brisbane Bike Rides is not a race.

Can I stop or push my bike?

Walking or pushing your bike is permitted - keep to the far left or on the footpath when doing this. Please be aware course cut off times apply.

Can I bring my own refreshments?

It is recommended all riders bring two filled water bottles with them for the start of the ride. Free food items will be served at rest stops - e.g. Bananas, honey straws, muesli bars or buns. Riders with special dietary requirements or allergies who cannot eat the listed foods are encouraged to bring their own food supplies.

Can I run, or enter with something other than a bike?

Roller blading, skating or running are not permitted in these events.  

Can I ride with my dog?

Animals are not permitted on the event unless the rider is dependant on the animal and the approval of the Event Director is given.

Can a child enter the Great Brisbane Bike Ride?

Children under 14 must not pilot their own bike on the Great Brisbane Bike Ride and riding on a tagalong, trailer or child seat is not recommended due to the hilly nature of the event. Children under the age of 16 require a parent/guardian to ride with them along the entire course for safety.

Is there is a cloakroom at the start site?

Unfortunately there is no cloakroom facility available at the event.

Will the event be cancelled if it rains?

The event will proceed if it rains. Only extreme weather will force a cancellation. All participants will be contacted via SMS if the event is cancelled and we will post a message on the event website.

Is there finisher's merchandise?

Don't forget to collect your finisher's t-shirt at the end of the ride (included in your entry fee). Please head to the merchandise tent to collect it when you arrive at the finish site - please take the tear-off strip from your bike bib (rider number) with you to collect your shirt.