Coot-tha Challenge results

2017 Results

Coot-tha Challenge results can be found here.

2016 Results

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Individual Hill Climb Time Winner
1st Female Nicky Rolls (00:08:45)
2nd Female Megan Williams (00:09:18)
3rd Female Chloe Tunnicliff/Henny Shone (00:10:03)
1st Male Correy Edmed (00:06:58)
2nd Male Aaron Donaldson (00:07:24)
3rd Male Christopher Percy/Aidan Hobbs (00:07:34)


Teams Trophy Winner (based on best average time)

Team Tradelink 00:12:07
TMR Cycle Crew 00:12:35
Team Smith 00:13:13
Trundlers 00:13:16
BMD Holcim 00:13:23
Diabetes Queensland Green Team 00:13:32
McInnes Wilson


Lifecycle Legends Team 00:13:42

Jacobs' Lycra Legion


Overall results

You can visit to view timing results of previous years, or download them below:

Team Tradelink